About me,

I’ve been married 19 years to my amazing and supportive wife, we have two girls one entering College Boreal and the other going into grade 3.  I am a sports fanatic, I used to coach hockey (10 years).  I still like to go out and watch a game here and there and support the local teams in various ways. I’m looking at buying an old car and fixing it up, which may end up in friends doing most of the work as I hand them tools. I own a growing marketing and digital advertising company, went to school at Lasalle Secondary and Cambrian College.  Born and raised in Ward 12.

I am also running my campaign with my own money as I am not accepting any donations.  I would like to work with you the taxpayer by making decisions that will benefit the residence of Ward 12 and Greater Sudbury, I believe running my campaign with this commitment  shows the commitment I have in working with all the residence of Ward 12.

Why are you running?

I want to make a difference in the city that I grew up in and where I am raising my children.  I believe I can contribute and work with city staff and council to foster new ideas or directions with some of the great work they (council & staff) have laid out from the past years and assist in developing future projects to have these projects ready for our children to continue to grow our city.

Do you have any previous political experience?

I can say I don’t however, neither did many of the names we have attached to buildings within Greater Sudbury when they started their political careers in our city.  They came in with ideas and dreams to make our city flourish for the future and that is my intention as well, minus the name on a building (that’s not me), but again I don’t think that was their intention either.


Our city has one of the highest unemployment rates in the province and country.  I would like to focus and implement different ways to encourage businesses through subsidies or incentives to build here and create lasting jobs instead of construction jobs because as the project finishes so does the job.

In 2014 the residences of Greater Sudbury voted to be more open for business however some bylaws impede businesses from being open.  I believe council and staff should go through all bylaws and adjust them to what is needed for our city in 2018 and get rid of some of the outdated bylaws that our city no longer needs.


We have a great city, visitors as well as residences need to know that (if they don’t already) and learn the history of our city.  I would champion a project to work with local businesses to build a mini train designed to look like the former trolley cars we once had.  It could run through Bell Park with mini landmarks of our city to view along the way, plus allow vendors to sell along the boardwalk and other areas of the park, make our park a destination every day. This could possibly be funded by the new tourism tax as its first tourism improvement.

Stop city subsidies

Did you know that commercial businesses in Greater Sudbury that do not have full occupancy of their properties receive tax subsidies?Lets reverse this, give tax incentives to property owners that draw new business into their buildings, lets get rid of the vacant commercial properties throughout the city and work on creating jobs.

Will I be the First?

As many neighbours pro KED or anti KED have asked, I would not be the first to raise my hand to stop it if elected, but that I would fight for every dollar going into this and any other project in the city.  It’s your Tax dollars and there should be a voice making sure your hard earned dollar is spent wisely and getting back the best return.  


Request the cancellation of “the Pothole Patrol.” and request to purchase an asphalt recycling and paving machine. This way OUR city streets can be repaired instead of patched up and patched up and patched up again. These machines can repave roughly 10km of road a day, recycling the old asphalt and mixing it with new asphalt which is good for the environment, keeping costs down and could have more of our streets paved quickly.  This process is already being used on the Island and other Northern Ontario communities why not use it here to maintain OUR roadways. Pothole Patrol cost between $3-5 million per year, an asphalt recycling machine could pave up to 10 km in a day with a cost of $12-13 million to purchase, essentially it could be paid off in 3-4 years and how many kilometres of roads will be repaired in that time?  Garson-Coniston, MR80, Notre Dame, Lorne, Regent.

If there are alternatives should staff and council not work together to find alternative ways of repairing our roads that could cause less aggravation for drivers and save tax dollars?

New Event Centre

When I ran in 2014 I was the only candidate speaking about building a new venue downtown and as I canvased a few people mentioned I spoke about a new venue with passion much like a former councilor Mr. Fabio Belli, to which I would say I was honored to be mentioned in the same class as this former councilor.

I visited many cities and event centres.  I have spoken to the developers of those centres, councilors in those cities, managers of the venues plus business owners around those venues.  I have done my homework, more than many, to understand all aspects of building an event centre including what to look for in negotiating a contract, how to bring the best revenue for the centre, creating growth for the entire city on an existing infrastructure and where the centre would be best built to foster that growth.

I will say on record some downtown owners in various cities were not that happy with the event centre and they stated that on an event or game night businesses had lineups outside their doors before and after those events however, when there was not an event they would have a skeleton shift due to slow business and some believed that the city should cover their losses on non event nights.

My answer to that as well as with this KED project; The city is not here to build projects or buildings to help one business or one developer but to build projects that unifies a city, it is up to that business or developer to create their own means of a revenue and not rely on a public building(s) to generate customers or additional income.

If the event centre is not built on KED does everything else fall apart?  If this is the case should the city not be asking for added subsidies since it’s OUR tax dollars, OUR building that will be the main tenant, the anchor tenant, should we not have or be negotiating better leverage for OUR 100 million tax dollar venue.  If this were a P3 venture then splitting the costs makes sense, they (KED) want our 100 million dollar building on their property, why are we (the taxpayer) fronting the costs?  If a developer is building a neighborhood, who pays for that infrastructure? Who pays for the blasting of rock to place homes on that land, the city or the developer?  If Costco or Wal-mart is the anchor business do you think they pay the developer to clear the land or did they sign a long term lease agreement?  We are already agreeing to 30 years for our centre. Should we not have better negotiating rights who is coming out ahead in this deal?  We need to be asking, these tough questions.

I am against this project because of the way council has handled all avenues of this project however I am not against building a New Event Centre for Greater Sudbury.


With staff / council pushing through these large projects and spending our tax dollars. We essentially will be building 2 CITY OWNED VENUES that function similarly and that will only harm the other, as they could potentially compete to host the same functions as we Sudburians cover the losses to the other venue. Is this economically feasible to spend $200 million tax dollars on 2 similar projects?  Top city staff gave the answer on the final council meeting of 2018; the event centre is for large events and the synergy centre will be for small events because it will hold 900 people.  The reason they are called event centres and not arenas (if designed correctly) can hold large and small events.  An example; the Skydome a 50,000 seat venue hosts a 1000 seat Disney on ice, if that venue can host various sized events our venue should be able host 900 to 6000 people with ease.  We don’t need the synergy centre and waste our tax dollars, that money could be better spent on other city projects.  An additional point the STC seats 850 and our tax dollars subsidize them.  Would we be in competition against that building too? Who then covers those losses?    I believe this is the inexperience of the incumbent not understanding the project(s) in hand.  This is one of the biggest undertakings the city has ever taken and the incumbent is not able to ask the tough questions.  Council needs to have a councilor that understands this project wherever the event centre and other large projects are built.  I will ask the tough questions and get the best value for OUR tax dollars.

–Our council needs someone with knowledge in this field.


Increase student housing in the area. Possibly an incentive program with Landlords, creating a central housing hub.

Use the C.I.P. to draw new business downtown and grow the heart of the city.

With the success of LU architecture center, we should work with Cambrian and Boreal to bring new programs downtown.

Other Surveys & Questionnaires

I have made myself accessible to many groups to answer the questions that are important to them.  All candidates have been offered the same opportunity.  Click links to view.

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